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  • Website design

    The website design stage is critical to deliver the desired story and is made up many elements from a well designed user interface (UI) to a rich user experience (UX) using well designed iconography and typography to provide a clean and easily navigable responsive website that looks good for all devices.

    As part of this design process I work with design software including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD to focus on adopting the latest in web design techniques and trends and utilising them to design a clean modern website that looks and performs well on large devices down to smaller mobile devices.

  • Software development

    With over two decades of full stack experience I feel I have the right mix of skills needed to take a design through development to deployment. As a full stack developer, I prefer to meticulously code from scratch rather than rely on existing frameworks like Wordpress which allows me to focus on clean code which not only helps with performance but site security and robustness.

    My full stack experience allows me to take on front-end, back-end and middleware projects working with languages and frameworks including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, SQL, XML, JSON, ASP.NET and the MEAN stack.

  • Single page applications

    A single page application or SPA for short generally use a framework such as Angular, Vue or React to seamlessly deliver a collection of pages without the usual page reload when navigating from one page to the next like traditional websites. Although SPA’s can be used to build traditional websites, due to their more complex build they tend to be reserved for online services and applications.

    With both ASP.NET and the MEAN stack frameworks I have the required skills to design, develop and deliver a robust single page application.

  • Ecommerce / online stores

    I have over two decades of ecommerce experience and have worked for many successful online stores ranging from boutique clothing and entertainment to gifts and jewellery.

    Although I can hand code online stores with full integration of a payment gateway I prefer to now utilise the Shopify ecommerce platform which provides a clean safe and secure shopping environment that can be tailored to suit any design.

Featured project

Rudd Joinery

Development | CMS

Project Details

Rudd Joinery is a family run business supplying high-quality purpose-made joinery for homeowners, architects and the construction industry across East Anglia.

The Rudd Joinery website was built using the Gatsby static site generator coupled with a headless CMS providing a fully responsive secure website with the immediately noticeable characteristic of speed as there are no database queries to run, no templating and no processing whatsoever on every request.


  • Design
  • Development