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A little something about me

Welcome, I'm Neil

I have over two decades of full stack web development experience starting in 1998 as a web developer for a small but successful organisation delivering educational learning resources. I then moved and worked for a highly successful uk online reseller before going freelance in 2009 where I now work out of my own small office in beautiful Norfolk, UK.

Since going freelance I have had the pleasure and delight to work on many client websites in many industries from hospitality and catering to manufacturing, reselling and education to name but a few.

I have a wide range of skills and development experience but my core skills and focus has been with the Microsoft web architecture of ASP.NET where I have over 20 years of experience although more recently I have expanded my skills to include the newer emerging frameworks such as React, Angular and the MEAN stack.

Web Development

As with all things technology based the world of the web developer moves pretty quickly so keeping my skills fresh, up to date and in trend is always a challenge, and a challenge that I enjoy. My current skills include many front-end, back-end and middleware languages that provides me the necessary skills to work as a full stack developer.

As a full stack web developer I can call upon over 20 years of experience and I am highly proficient in client-side development using the latest HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to build fully dynamic responsive websites.

I have over two decades of experience in the Microsoft web technologies being an early adopter of ASP.NET and moving with their development and build to now working with ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET 4 MVC although more recently I broadened my skills to include the MEAN stack allowing me to offer sites and single page applications built with NodeJs, ExpressJs, Angular and MongoDb.

Web Design

As with web development my role as a web designer is also fast moving, keeping up with the latest in design trends as well as researching and exploring the latest in front-end development to deliver clean fully responsive websites.

I have over two decades of experience in using Adobe Photoshop to help with design as well as allowing me to easily interogate the design in order to create pixel perfect websites although more recently I have switched to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD which has streamlined the design process, providing cleaner design elements and allowing for easier design manipulation especially for modern responsive websites.

Featured project

Rudd Joinery

Development | CMS

Project Details

Rudd Joinery is a family run business supplying high-quality purpose-made joinery for homeowners, architects and the construction industry across East Anglia.

The Rudd Joinery website was built using the Gatsby static site generator coupled with a headless CMS providing a fully responsive secure website with the immediately noticeable characteristic of speed as there are no database queries to run, no templating and no processing whatsoever on every request.


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